PICO® Protective Glass Screen

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The GM PICO® Protective Glass Screen is a portable, elegantly designed glass protective screen with high-quality construction. It offers a hygienic and easy to clean surface which is highly resistant to chemical cleaners.

The protective glass screen is to be used exclusively for virus protection and is to be placed on a flat, horizontal, smooth desk or table so that it is not subjected to any other forces. This includes jolts or knocks and also introduced forces (tipping over the edge or corner) and all other forces which cause stresses within the glass (weight: approx. 20 kg).

Available in Two variants:

• High: 681 × 300 × 1000mm (with service hatch)
6mm Toughened Safety Glass
Typical applications: Retail, banks, pharmacies, petrol stations, tobacconists and GP practices

• Wide: 1031 × 300 × 670mm (with document slot)
8mm Toughened Safety Glass
Typical applications: Law firms, notaries, architects, agencies and meeting rooms
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